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The Python path defined in "preferences" is "C:/Users/bhanse33/Documents/R2D/R2D_Windows_Download/applications/python/python.exe" which is just the python that came in the download package. I'm using Microsoft Windows, if that is what you meant by operations system.

Also I updated my tapis app, and now instead of saying "blocked" it says "failed" when I try and run it through DesignSafe

Hi! I am new to R2D and I am still learning the ropes, but I am having several issues when running the Example 1 Basic Hazus.

First, when I run it locally on the computer, it gives me the error "Python version 3.8 or 3.9 is required, you have Python version 3.9 installed". I saw some previous posts with this same problem, but the answer seemed to be that the next version would fix this bug, however I am here over a year later from that previous post with this same problem. Should I just download version 3.8? The weird thing is though it was working for me, I was able to get results from running it locally and then apparently all of a sudden one day it just started giving me that error.

My second issue is one other people have had before too; when I run it at DesignSafe, the status of the job is blocked and I am unable to download results. From reading the responses, it seems they are always asked what the Tapis ID under preferences is, so here is mine "rWhale-stampede-3.1.0u1". I wasn't sure what to do to fix it though.

Thank you!
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