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Thank you very much for your reply,

Just a couple more questions, in the case of a rigid halfspace, is it there any configuration ? or in this case it would be necessary to increase the bedrock Vs and Density ? I am intending to simulate the response of a centrifuge experiment, so the base could be considered as a rigid halfspace.

And a second question is related about extracting the data from the simulations, I watched one of the tutorial videos in which there is a MATLAB file to extract and process the data, are those MATLAB files available anywhere ?

Best regards.

Hello everyone,

O recently found this very interesting software, I gave the first look at some of the features, but I got confused about how to load user-defined input motions, according to the example files it is necessary to create some .json files and I am not familiar with them.

Is it there any tutorial to specifically create those .json files, are there in what units, velocity units ?. And probably for future versions, it would be useful to implement a way to load user-defined motions maybe as .csv files. Another question is if is there any option to define a rigid halfspace ?.

Best regards.

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