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Damage & Loss (PELICUN) / EDP keys
« on: September 27, 2021, 04:48:52 AM »
I got a key error when I used a response.csv file containing peak floor velocities, labeled as PFV (e.g. 1-PFV-1-1).
In, line 547, I see that the keys are different than those explained in the docs
Is there support for PFV, and what key should I specify?
Thank you

When I add two component groups of the same component in two directions of the same story, I get a total repair cost that has a single jump at their total repair cost (for simplicity assume a single damage state).

I would expect to get two jumps, one corresponding to the likelihood of damage of a single component, and then a second one corresponding to both getting damaged.
If I separate the components by copying the contents of the fragility file and treating the component in direction 2 as having a different component type, I get the results I expected.

I have set all correlations to "Independent" in the Dependencies tab.
What could be the reason behind this?
I attach the files you can use to reproduce this.
Thank you!

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