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« on: September 07, 2020, 03:49:17 PM »
I would like to ask two questions regarding pelicun and the FEMA P58 components.
1.   When running pelicun, I need to define the Fragility Data folder which is a folder containing json files, one json file for each building component. In the PBE examples folders, I have found such a Fragility Data Folder but it contains only 54 components and not the complete list of 764 FEMA P58 components. In the pelicun github page I have found a DL xml folder which contains the 764 components but in xml format and not in the standard json format needed for pelicun. Could you please tell me where I could find the json files for the complete list of components?
2.   When running pelicun, I would like to only need to define the quantities of structural building components. I would like to use the normative quantities from FEMA P58 for the non-structural components. Is this possible to do in the pelicun application? If yes, how could I do that?
Thank you!

Thank you for your response.

I have a pre-defined grid and a pre-defined set of time history acceleration records for each of the grid nodes (in the peer database format). I plan to use the MDOF non-linear shear building model described in the rWhale documentation under the assumption that the buildings have the same properties in X and Y directions. The information I have for the buildings are: structural type, date of built, height, no of stories, occupancy, quantities of structural and non-structural components and area. Could I use both horizontal components of the ground motion or should I only use a single horizontal component?

Also, I am trying to create the FEMA-P58 structural and non-structural quantities input files to be used in the workflow. For each building, I have the type, location and quantity of each building component. Where could I find the exact format of that information in order to be read by the workflow? Could you please share with me an example input file? Thank you!

Is it possible to run the regional earthquake simulation workflow working using pre-selected scaled time history records as inputs (one record for each site)? Does the workflow use both horizontal components or just a single horizontal of the time history records? What is the exact format of the time history records inputs that the workflow can use? Thank you!

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