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Thank you for your reply. Please let me keep me posted on new findings you get. Thanks!

Hi, could you please further clarify what do you mean by "do other motions work with the same url to opensha"? If you were asking whether this happens to all EqRuptures, then yes it did happen no matter how I change the ruptures. May I ask have you recently used EQHazard and how was that going for you? Thanks!


I am a graduate student at Stanford University. I was able to use EQHazard without a problem for quite a long time, but recently I encountered a situation where I kept getting "null" for GroundMotions in the output file. I am wondering if this happened to other users and if so I would really appreciate some advice. I also found that cannot be accessed, which might be related to this issue.

Please see attached files for the input file I used and the commands I typed.

Thanks in advance.

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