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Hi Jinyan,

Thank you very much, this was very helpful. However, one of the column features that I seem to be missing is the footprint feature, how can I define it similarly to yours?


Hi Jinyan,

Thanks again for your guidance through the process I am getting the following message when running the tool "error in copy files in ASD". I defined similar data to what was defined in the provided EXAMPLE 1 for the San Francisco data, however, in my case the data is defined for the City of Beirut Lebanon. Is there any specific guide to follow for defining the data, I am currently using the GIS to AIM feature.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you Jinyan, your response is very helpful. I am now using the pre-release version of R2D.

I am running into another error when trying to run the simulation on buildings in Beirut. I have attached the debug file for your review. let me know If any further clarification is needed.

Thanks again!

Hi All, I am trying to run the earthquake scenario simulation using a grid of locations and point source options. At this stage, I am testing on the San Fransisco example to define the building assets, and I am using all the inputs to be completely the same as in the provided example "E1- Basic Hazus". When running for results I am getting the following error:

"06:45:45 - An error occurred in the Python script, the exit code is 1
06:45:45 - Analysis complete with errors
06:45:45 - Failed to run the workflow!!!"

I have attached the debug output file for your reference. Looking forward to your response.

THank you very much!

Hi all, I am trying to use the earthquake scenario simulation in Beirut Lebanon, however, I am unable to get any outputs. So I would like to check if this feature is not applicable in my region of interest, or could it be due to any wrong input that I am providing?

Thank you in advance!

AI use in Regional Simulation (BRAILS) / Re: General Questions
« on: September 22, 2021, 01:31:24 PM »
Thank you again for your reply!

I have a two more questions if you don't mind.

1. The input to the BRAILS modules (other then the roof classifier) are they a street view image meaning a panoramic picture or a regular rectilinear image only containing the building of interest?
2. How is the elevated foundation defined? By elevated you mean that part of the foundation is above soil level?

Thank you in advance!

AI use in Regional Simulation (BRAILS) / Re: General Questions
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:14:42 AM »
Thank you for your reply!

To be more specific when using the soft story BRAILS modules for example, how is the soft story defined? Does the module detect the height difference between the first story and the rest of the building?
My main concern is how does the model define a soft story, is it provided in the documentation or somewhere else that you can refer me to?

Thank you again for your assistance!

AI use in Regional Simulation (BRAILS) / General Questions
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:51:23 PM »

Can you kindly direct me to where i can find how each classification is defined. For example, how is a structure classified as having soft story?
Moreover, is there any available documentation on how the street-view images were transformed into normal 2d images containing only one building. Was this process autonomous, or was it manually done?

I highly appreciate your help!
Thank you in advance for you time.

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