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Hi frank, can do a quick call I think right now (in a few minutes) - my email is if you can send me a link!

Hi yes so I loaded the examples in the tool, using the examples > manage examples. I reloaded everything and read some of the other comments, and made sure I had python 3.8 downloaded and everything works! Meaning I can run the example 1 Basic HAZUS on my computer. For future troubleshooting in case this helps anyone else, it also started working when I (finally) followed the advice to download the R2D files into a C:/SimCenter folder that forks directly off the main disk (instead of C:/Users/ekjones/SimCenter).

The only problem I have now is that it won't let me run anything at DesignSafe....when I try to click there, it has me sign in (my account there is 'jonesemm'), which opens the pop up to name the job, and then when I click 'submit' the popup goes away (after a delay). But then nothing shows up in "Get from DesignSafe".

Attached is a text document of the program output -- let me know if there's something I am missing! The good thing is my computer can run things pretty well but it would be super useful to have that resource.

Additionally, as a separate detail, I noticed that the button "Export to PDF" in the results pane also doesn't work.



So yeah it's still refusing to work. I tried redownloading everything on a different computer, but it is also not working. It says "python not found" when I try to run it locally (even though I am 99% sure python is there, in the path and everything). WHen I try to run it on design safe it tells me that I am signed in but doesn't produce anything after showing the message that a path was first created then deleted.

I'm also working on windows-- not sure if this changes anything.


I have been trying to get R2D to work on my computer on and off for months now...but keep running into the same combination of errors. I have attached the .TXT file of what it returns to me. I even deleted everything from R2D and redownloaded everything.

What seems to keep happening is that the app keeps adding an extra "applications" folder? the path changes to:  C:\SimCenter\R2D_Windows_Download\applications\applications\python\python.exe: can't open file 'C:\SimCenter\R2D_Windows_Download\applications\applications\applications\createBIM\CSV_to_BIM\': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

What am I missing?

Hi! Still having this problem, and cant run at designsafe because there is some sort of issue with my account (I've emailed the helpdesk already but waiting to hear back).

I figured out some of the issues but am still getting a response of "An error occurred in the Python script, the exit code is 1 - Analysis complete with errors - Failed to run the workflow!!!"
Here is an updated photo of my preferences

Hi yes sorry for the delay, it says "rWhale-stampede-3.1.0u1". I am still having this problem of "NO VALID PYTHON - Read the Manual & Check your Preferences".

Attached is a picture of the preferences for reference!

hi! When I try to run any of the examples at DesignSafe, the status returns BLOCKED and I can't find information on what I am missing. Then when I try to run the example on my own computer, it returns the error of "NO VALID PYTHON - Read the Manual & Check your Preferences". I do not understand what this means. Finally, I deleted the app after it kept crashing upon loading building data. I got it to run once on my computer and the results were all empty.

What am I missing?

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