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Thanks Jinyan,

Your clarification is sure to help. I will return if I have any additional questions.



I'm in the process of developing a case study on historical hurricanes for my research project. This study aims to break down hurricane events into three distinct hazards: strong winds, storm surge, and flooding. In my exploration of the R2D tool, I found that it can generate features like hurricane tracks, raster files, and hurricane grids. However, it does not currently offer the option to create separate hazard maps for strong winds, storm surges, and flooding.

Upon reviewing the provided examples (Sections 4.6 and 4.7), I observed that Example 4.6 delves into the effects of water. A closer look suggests that the primary difference between the two examples resides in their asset definitions. Specifically, Example 4.6 includes variables like flood zones and foundation types in the asset information, which I assume are used to assess the impact of water.

To more comprehensively model the effects of both flooding and storm surge in R2D, I believe there are three viable approaches:
-   Revise the asset definition to incorporate parameters related to flooding and storm surges.
-   Add user-defined fragility functions (which I think now is not feasible since I need to incorporate storm surge and flood hazard first).
-   Add specialized modules to R2D for flood and storm surge modeling.
Could you please confirm if my understanding is correct?


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