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In the program output panel, after running R2D, there are commands to run the DL calculation, e.g.,
11:47:03 Running damage and loss assessment
         Damage and loss assessment command (1): baldi's basics

"/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/bin/python3" "/Applications/" "--filenameDL" "/Users/user/Documents/R2D/LocalWorkDir/tmp.SimCenter/Results/Buildings/8001-AIM.json" "--demandFile" "response.csv" "--DL_Method" "HAZUS MH EQ IM" "--Realizations" "100" "--coupled_EDP" "True" "--detailed_results" "False" "--event_time" "off" "--ground_failure" "False" "--log_file" "True" "--resource_dir" "/Users/user/Documents/R2D/LocalWorkDir/tmp.SimCenter/Results" "--dirnameOutput" "/Users/user/Documents/R2D/LocalWorkDir/tmp.SimCenter/Results/Buildings/8001"
The command performs DL calculations for one asset, and you may have to create a script to call this command for each asset. Also, you may need to pass the full file path of "response.csv" for the "--demandFile".

For debugging, it may be helpful to set up the above Python command in a python debugger.

Hope this helps.

it's useful for me. Thank.

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