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Thanks, Kuanshi. I don't need the individual file at the moment but, if we are able to get R2D set up to run OQ input for rupture simulations, retrieving the medians and std dev would be a very helpful feature. (i.e., as described at the beginning of the thread)


Earthquake Engineering (EE-UQ) / Re: AutoSDA's default .tcl file
« on: September 17, 2021, 09:04:19 PM »
Hi Kuanshi,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I am now a little confused - I can use the same .tcl file anytime I use the AutoSDA application, right? i.e., if I increase the number of stories or add more bays as compared to the example, the same .tcl file will still work?


Great, thank you!

Regional Hazard Simulation (R2D, rWhale) / Re: Running classical PSHA in R2D
« on: September 17, 2021, 08:44:59 PM »
Thanks, Kuanshi!

The error message you got make me realize that I had forgotten to add the custom gsims. Where could I have found this error message, as it could have led me to the problem directly?

I am adding the folder of additional gsims at this link for future troubleshooting (only shared with you and Adam, as these belong to GNS):

Even after adding the gsims, I got exit code 1 in R2D. Then I ran it in PowerShell and it worked fine.
Here is a folder for the R2D output and the PowerShell.text:

Would it be possible to add a radio button for saving the calc_x.h5 file in the output folder as well? I like to keep it as a reference but I currently have to go to the oq_data folder, so it would be nice if it were automatically included in the output as well.


This worked perfectly. Thanks, Kuanshi!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for pointing out the current feature! The SiteIM.json just has a single string of lnSa values for each site - are these the predicted medians? If so, it would be great to also see the standard deviations in that file. (I also see the multiple IM values listed in each site.csv, just looking for clarity on what the SiteIM.json is.)

Also, I was surprised by the zTR values in the EventGrid.csv file that it produced (attached). Do you know what would explain the zero values?


Thanks, Kuanshi, for your ongoing work on extracting the realizations.csv file from openquake. In case it is helpful, I am attaching the Jupyter Notebook that I currently use to extract it.

Regional Hazard Simulation (R2D, rWhale) / Running classical PSHA in R2D
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:54:06 PM »
Thanks to Kuanshi for fixing the Z1.0 and Z2.5 conversion from the SiteFile.csv to the OpenQuakeSiteModel.csv!

The new file looks good but OpenQuake crashes when it tries to run it. Here's a link to the working directory, accessible by Kuanshi and Adam:

I reran it all in PowerShell (see the uploaded .txt file in the linked folder), using:

python "C:/Users/ahul697/Desktop/R2D/build_date\\applications\\performRegionalEventSimulation\\regionalGroundMotion\\"   --hazard_config   "C:/Users/ahul697/Documents/R2D/LocalWorkDir\\HazardSimulation\\GroundMotions\\Input\\EQHazardConfiguration.json"

The 09_15 build gets to the same spot and crashes at :

FetchOpenQuake: OpenQuake configured.
ERROR 1: PROJ: proj_create_from_database: Cannot find proj.db
PROJ: proj_create_from_database: Cannot find proj.db
INFO:root:Upgrade completed in 0.000997304916381836 seconds
WARNING:root:DB server started with C:\Users\ahul697\Anaconda3\python.exe on tcp://, pid 23532
[2021-09-15 16:12:08 #4 WARNING] The parameter 'trucation_level' is unknown, ignoring
FetchOpenQuake: Classical PSHA failed.

I then reran the files in the LocalWorkDir using the 08/23 build (also in the .txt file), hoping that it would retrieve the correct OpenQuakeSiteModel.csv file. It was able to run and produce results, however, it recreated the .csv file, using the old scripts that didnít correctly include Z1.0 and Z2.5.

Note that both the 09/15 and 08/23 builds include the line:
[2021-09-15 16:12:08 #4 WARNING] The parameter 'trucation_level' is unknown, ignoring.
Iím curious about what that means. But, regardless, the unique issue for the 09/15 build seems to be the missing proj.db file.



I would like to use the R2D Hazard tool to simulate IM maps, rather than select ground motions. Additionally, I would like to be able to upload openquake files to identify the rupture scenario and include a gmpe logic tree.

I think the most important feature is being able to extract the predicted median and std dev at each location (perhaps a vector of them, representing the realizations of the logic tree). Is it possible to export this in the same format as EQHazard? Actually, even better than that, to export it as the .h5 files that are used in (See the extract_eqhazard_data function in the file.)

Beyond that, it could also be nice to run the whole simulation in R2D, then extract the IM maps.



The EVT page of EE-UQ includes a pulldown for the acceleration component of interest. As this is part of the record selection, it would be more intuitive if it were placed above the "Select Records" button. I'm attaching a suggestion.

Earthquake Engineering (EE-UQ) / AutoSDA's default .tcl file
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:12:28 PM »
Thanks to Kuanshi and Adam for fixing the way the edps are extracted in AutoSDA! Two additional items to note:

1) The AutoSDA example's .tcl file can have convergence issues. Kuanshi gave me a new .tcl file with [test NormDispIncr 1.0e-3 50] instead of 1.0e-6, which works well. Please update this in the AutoSDA example as well.

2) Ideally, the .tcl file would be stored somewhere other than the AutoSDA example folder, as the current location implies that it is unique to the example. If this could be stored in a more standard location, it would be more intuitive for users who want to start with the example but then modify it for their own application.


Perfect. Thanks, Kuanshi!

Earthquake Engineering (EE-UQ) / Suite Average for PEER NGA selection
« on: July 13, 2021, 05:49:48 PM »

When EE-UQ interfaces with PEER NGA, does it specify that the suite average should be geometric or arithmetic? The downloaded _SearchResults.csv file does not clarify this in B27, though it always does if I use the PEER NGA database directly.


Earthquake Engineering (EE-UQ) / Re: saving results from EE-UQ
« on: July 12, 2021, 05:29:37 PM »
Thanks. I was able to find the event record list in the response.csv file so, in the meantime, I will copy that file instead of using the Save Data button.

Earthquake Engineering (EE-UQ) / saving results from EE-UQ
« on: July 10, 2021, 12:26:30 AM »

After running the AutoSDA example, the results panel shows the results for each ground motion, with the name of the ground motion. However, when I save the data, this column is all zeroes. Could it be updated to export the ground motion identifier (since the runs are randomized and are not necessarily in the order of the GM list)?

Also, if the save dialog could automatically include the file extension, that would also be helpful. (I think Kuanshi is already addressing this.)


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