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General / Three Things Everyone Is aware of About Pgslot99 That You do not
« Last post by PDXSoon535 on April 20, 2024, 01:09:09 AM »
Incorporate with RM2 issued and paid up shares at RM1 par worth per share, and the company points/sells shares at a premium (ie, above the share's par value). All issued and paid up shares: The commonest means can be to incorporate with RM100,000 issued and paid up shares to the founder (ie, 100,000 shares at RM1 par worth per share). Incorporate with RM100 cash injection to problem 10,000 shares at RM0.01 par worth per share, with the stability RM99,900 as founder's mortgage to the company. Incorporate with RM2 issued and paid up shares, and report the stability RM99,998 as a shareholders' cash mortgage to the company. Before incorporating, a founder should at all times ask "Does the corporate really need a big issued and paid up capital?" There are numerous options in structuring their company's share capital, depending on the founder's needs. Can the company have an issued share capital of RM100,000 (say of 100,000 shares of RM1.00 par value each) however only have RM2 cash paid into the corporate? This could also be a cash move effective choice for founders/workers contemplating worker stock possibility schemes (ESOS) as staff might want to fork out a lot much less of their own cash to exercise the ESOS upon vesting.
Installation / Re: Missing dll files
« Last post by Sang-ri on April 19, 2024, 10:37:02 PM »
Hi Christina,

Thanks for posting the question!

I am suspecting perhaps the unzipping process of R2D was not complete. Can you delete the current R2D forder and retry unzipping from the raw zip folder of R2D?

Please let us know if the error persists.

Installation / Missing dll files
« Last post by Christina.Sanon on April 19, 2024, 08:53:43 PM »
Hi all:

I am new to this community. I am a PhD candidate at Tufts University. I am hoping to implement some of the tools of the SimCenter, particularly R2D. I can't seem to get the program to launch, after successful download. I get a set of 4 errors regarding qgis dll missing files. Please advise. I have attached a screenshot of the first of the errors.
The next errors after clicking "OK" (in order) are as follows: qgis_analysis.dll; qgis_native.dll; qgis_3d.dll

Thank you.

Regional Hazard Simulation (R2D, rWhale) / Python 3.9 and job status BLOCKED
« Last post by bhanse33 on April 18, 2024, 07:53:06 PM »
Hi! I am new to R2D and I am still learning the ropes, but I am having several issues when running the Example 1 Basic Hazus.

First, when I run it locally on the computer, it gives me the error "Python version 3.8 or 3.9 is required, you have Python version 3.9 installed". I saw some previous posts with this same problem, but the answer seemed to be that the next version would fix this bug, however I am here over a year later from that previous post with this same problem. Should I just download version 3.8? The weird thing is though it was working for me, I was able to get results from running it locally and then apparently all of a sudden one day it just started giving me that error.

My second issue is one other people have had before too; when I run it at DesignSafe, the status of the job is blocked and I am unable to download results. From reading the responses, it seems they are always asked what the Tapis ID under preferences is, so here is mine "rWhale-stampede-3.1.0u1". I wasn't sure what to do to fix it though.

Thank you!
I can also be reached at

After extracting San Francisco building inventory from Brails, I notice that value "H1" within column "StructureType", which does not correspond to any structure types defined in Hazus. As a consequence, when I ran R2D with inventory containing value "H1", the program failed. Therefore, I am wondering if you can give a brief description of structure type "H1" so that I can process it with combination of other structure types? Thank you!

Hi Bofan,

Thanks for using the SimCenter forum.

To better understand the issue. Can you share the "GroundMotions" folder in your SimCenter LocalWorkDir/HazardSimulation folder with me?

Thanks and regards,


I am using Simcenter R2D Tool to simulate earthquake scenarios. However, after forecasting rupture scenarios, I found a problem that for some rupture scenarios, the Probability and MeanAnnualRate are over 1(with the magnitude over 7!). I have no idea what causes this problem. Could you please give me some hints?


If you add the three lines at the bottom of this message before Line 295 in the link I sent you in my previous reply, You will be able to set the location of the hypocenter.

Please note that 1. These lines set the location of the hypocenter but not the epicenter. The hypocenter needs to be defined on the fault surface with a depth, and you can add "print(rupSurface.getEvenlyDiscritizedListOfLocsOnSurface().toString())" before Line 295 to check the geometry of the fault surface. 2. The hypocenter defined here is only used by Cambell & Bozorgnia (2014) ground motion models and nowhere else in the backend calculation. If you would like to define the hypocenter for other use, please let us know, and we will see how we can help.

Hope this is clear.


rup = rupList.get(rupture_index)
rup.setHypocenterLocation(Location(33.97, -117.91 , 0))
rupList.set(rupture_index, rup)
Assuming I have latitude (33.97) and Longitude (-117.91) how do I edit the FetchPSHA code?

Thanks for using the SimCenter forum.

Defining the location of hypocenter is not available through editing the configuration Json file, but it is possible by editing the SimCenterBackendApplication python code at

However, please note that the GMM selected in your configuration Json file (Boore et al. (2014)) does not use the hypocenter location, and defining the hypocenter location will not make a difference to the predicted ground motions. The only GMM in R2D that uses the hypocenter location is (Campbell and Bozorgnia (2014)). This GMM uses the depth of the hypocenter, and R2D uses the mean of the upper and lower fault edge depth as the hypocenter depth by default. This is reflected in the code linked above and can be edited if you would like to.

I hope this addresses your questions. Should you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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