Author Topic: WorkFlowInputError: 'Need Event Classification'  (Read 5564 times)

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WorkFlowInputError: 'Need Event Classification'
« on: March 14, 2023, 07:35:48 AM »
Hi guys,
I am trying to load other ground motions in the example01 and see how it works, but there is a error in the wolkflow.
The groud motions I use is the template file for inserting the file mentioned in the introduction to EVENT in the PBE manual. I want to try to apply the file to the 'user specified database', and see what will the PBE analysis result for example01 look like, but the above problems arise. :-\
I guessed that the file I inserted is just a worksheet for the statistics of earthquake names, and I need to upload the source file (.json) of earthquakes. Am I right? If so, where can I find the earthquake records counted in this earthquake template file? Hope you guys can help me to answer this question. :)



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Re: WorkFlowInputError: 'Need Event Classification'
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2023, 11:12:29 PM »
that "EVENT!!" is more like a tool to determine the motions to use from a spreadsheet of motions and the selection algo inside the event. It does not generate a real event that the tool can use which is why you get the error. This is poorly documented in the manual. The reason given in manual is that the events may not be PEER motions at all and so no downloads from the PEER database is possible!

It might be more useful of a tool, if we allowed the user to put the all the relevant .AT2 files mentioned in the csv file in the same directory that the .csv file is placed and then create an Event from the output of running the selection process. To actually use this feature, one would have to save the output and then manually create a multiple peer motion event using the output and providing the paths to the motions.

sorry for the confusion. let us know your thoughts on making it a full-fledged Event.