Author Topic: Suggestions for CFD Notebooks  (Read 6355 times)


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Suggestions for CFD Notebooks
« on: November 01, 2020, 03:06:30 AM »
Here are some of the suggestions to improve the Jupyter notebooks.

  • You can use verbatim for the keywords
  • A function can be created for repetitive tasks like embedding videos
  • Accordians can be used from ipywidgets
  • A download button to download the files directly from the Jupyter notebooks can help instead of going into Designafe
  • It would help if you can add an additional book with Table of contents
  • It would help to add author information and how to cite
  • I think there are 3 videos with a Berkeley background rather than the SimCenter background
  • The background in the first lecture is different from those from lecture 2 - 4
  • Can we modify it to run locally as well. I think %bash will not run on Windows if we download it
  • Can you modify this such that these Jupyter notebooks can be run from others like Colaboratory?


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Re: Suggestions for CFD Notebooks
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2020, 03:10:59 AM »
Some additional suggestions include:

  • The volume in the videos is pretty low.  I have my volume at 100% on my computer and I can almost not hear the audio.
  • There need to be written instructions to guide the user.  Also at the end of, say, the videos tell them what to do next
  • It would be good for the user to have some idea of how long each video is and where they are in the video (progress bar of some sort)
  • In lecture 01, In box 4 you say press enter. it should be press shift-enter, I think. when you introduce box 8 you correctly say shift-enter, it was when speaking about box 7 that you said only enter.
  • Box 8 gives the warning
  • the video in box 8 has some annoying loud pops in the audio, they should be filtered out.
  • You need explicit instructions telling how to get the pitzDaily files, or did I miss the instructions.  maybe put them as a comment before the jobdetails definition.
  • we also need instructions on what to do if the notebook stalls out.  my in boxes are now In
  • and completely unresponsive. we also need instructions not run the ) more than once.
  • At the very start you should list the expect time it will take to run through the notebook. Lastly, for the paraview, do you want to also show them how to run paraview through the workspace? or is that too complex. Overall looks good. In addition to trying to address my comments.  You will need some openfoam users to go through these to get their input.  The biggest thing, I think is that there should be no gaps in instructions of what to do and what to expect.


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Re: Suggestions for CFD Notebooks
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2020, 05:10:40 PM »
Thank you very much for the suggestions. I have looked into your suggestions and addressed them. We are working on a couple of things and will get back with an update once these are done:

1. Button to download files
2. Being able to use the notebooks locally or from Google Colab is outlined for our next release
3. Background on Lectures 2 - 4 will be updated in the coming release.
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