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Damage & Loss (PELICUN) / Generation of Simulated Demands
« on: May 01, 2022, 09:30:15 AM »
Hello Adam,

Thanks a lot for the updated version 3.1.b4 of Pelicun. After watching the video about your introduction to pelicun on youtube, I started to learn pelicun 3.0. I'm sure that pelicun will be of great help to my research work.

I have a few questions, and I would appreciate it if you could help me.

1.Generation of Simulated Demands: In FEMA P58, if we want to address the effects of modeling uncertainty and ground motion uncertainty on demand distribution, we use two factors βm and βgm(FEMA P58 vol 1 Appendix G). So can we consider the uncertainty of modeling and ground motion to do the generation of simulated demands in pelicun?

2.I learned Pelicun3.0 by the example you provided on the website of DesignSafe(PRJ-3411 | NHERI SimCenter - Pelicun Examples). The example was helpful for my initial understanding of pelicun 3.0, but clearly not enough for further study. Is it possible to get more examples or API references about pelicun3.0 (even if it is a beta version)? Pelicun is an outstanding module. And I can't wait to get good at using it.

Finally, happy Labor Day to you !

Thank you so much,
My edu

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