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Damage & Loss (PELICUN) / EDP keys
« on: September 27, 2021, 04:48:52 AM »
I got a key error when I used a response.csv file containing peak floor velocities, labeled as PFV (e.g. 1-PFV-1-1).
In, line 547, I see that the keys are different than those explained in the docs
Is there support for PFV, and what key should I specify?
Thank you

This has to be the case, yes.
When I open PBE for the first time after it is compiled, and I go to File > Preferences, I get a dialog that looks like this:

So the path tot the Backend Applications actually looks incorrect. It is in this phase that if I navigate to DL and switch to FEMA P-58 it crashes.

and my terminal shows this output, which fooled me into thinking that something was wrong with conan:

When I correct the paths ...:

it works.

The build instructions clearly mention that you have to update the paths. I was just assuming that this would only matter after hitting "Run".
I am glad that I can build and use the apps on Linux, even though you don't test them on that platform. To Freedom!!

As an update to my previous post,
It turns out that the program crashes when the paths specified in the preferences dialog don't exist, and you switch from HAZUS to FEMA P-58 in the DL tab. When they do exist, it works fine.
I don't know if the same would happen on other platforms.
I compiled the latest source code on Ubuntu 20.04 and I get the expected behavior now. I still don't know why this was happening before, but I guess it doesn't matter.
Thanks for being willing to help!

I guess most people won't have this problem.
This is happening on an Ubuntu machine where I compiled PBE from source, using the latest states of the corresponding GitHub repos. I am basically following what's done in the appveyor.yml file.
I had done this a couple of months ago on a different workstation and when I reproduced this it worked as intended, just like in your case.
Unfortunately I can't send you the logs because while debugging on my own I broke my builds on both workstations, which is why it took me a while to write back. What happens now on both machines is that PBE crashes when I switch from HAZUS to FEMA P-58 in the drop-down menu. The terminal gives me some hints related to Conan. I am not an expert on Conan.
I will have to investigate this further.

When I add two component groups of the same component in two directions of the same story, I get a total repair cost that has a single jump at their total repair cost (for simplicity assume a single damage state).

I would expect to get two jumps, one corresponding to the likelihood of damage of a single component, and then a second one corresponding to both getting damaged.
If I separate the components by copying the contents of the fragility file and treating the component in direction 2 as having a different component type, I get the results I expected.

I have set all correlations to "Independent" in the Dependencies tab.
What could be the reason behind this?
I attach the files you can use to reproduce this.
Thank you!

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